How to Use Fear Positively to Quit Negative Habits and Addictions


Most people believe fear is a lier while others think fear is dark, but what if I show you how to use fear to make positive changes in your life right now. would that be fair enough? This video reveals how my fears have driven me to make positive changes in my life and how you can experience the same also.


How To Be Unstoppable In The Face Of Failure

This is a guest post written by Cephas Tope for Goodlifezen

Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve got a perfect idea; one that could transform the way people do things and change your life forever!

You immediately scribble it down, start doing everything necessary to turn it into a valuable product and get it out to the world.

But in the middle of working on your stunning idea, you start facing some crucial problems; life starts getting in the way, and soon you decide to stop trying and quit.

You quit because you think your idea wasn’t as groundbreaking as you first thought or maybe you won’t be able to gain an edge on your competitors or the thoughts are just an illusion, and nothing is real.

Sure, it’s possible, but there’s another reason why your idea doesn’t become successful.

You just weren’t persistent enough.

Why Most People Fail In Life

You see, the reason why most people fail and never amount to anything in life is because they have refused to persist, to hang in there just a little longer.

Most people deliberate on the word “But” so much that it holds them back from the place where nothing is guaranteed, nothing is real, but yet, everything is possible.

Asking questions like:

But what if I fail? What if I am not good enough? What if everyone laughs at me? What if the people I love leave and I’m left alone? And the answer to these questions is…. Yes! Most of the time you will fail, sometimes it will feel like you’re not good enough, sometimes people will mock you and what you do, and some may eventually end up leaving. And then what?

You see, all the fears mentioned above don’t count, in fact, it’s one way that nature shapes you into achieving your goals, if only you keep persisting because the experience is the teacher.

You’ve got to decide if you are going to keep trying or quit. The primary difference between winners and losers is simple: Winners never quit and quitters never win.

The good news is if you want to archive your goals, fight through all the obstacles in your way, and sail to the land of recognition.
Here are some tips you need to put into practice.

1. Develop Contagious Patience

This means to develop the ability to respond effectively to all problems and setbacks you face in life.

Because it’s not how far you fall that counts, but rather, how high you bounce back toward any challenges in life. Remember the warrior’s creed, “I will lay me down to bleed for a while, then rise to fight again.”

Failure is not a final destination, it’s a speed bump on the road to success and only patient people fully understand this. Don’t be surprised or shocked when things go wrong. Your best-laid plans will often fall apart, but your ability to be patient and look for ways to power through will help you so much in the long run.

So, take a deep breath, pick up the pieces and continue onward.

2. Face Your Fears

Grab a piece of paper, number it from one through ten. At the top, title it, ‘What are you so afraid of?’ This is the list of your ultimate fears, your worst case scenario, perhaps a doomsday list.

The list of every “but” you’re pondering over; they are the ultimate things that scare you silly and you’ve got ten minutes to write them down.

Done with that? Now let face it, fears on the inside; in your mind, can be like sap and remain stuck becoming very difficult to remove. But writing your fears down? Visible, changeable, and cross-out-able when one of the fears is vanquished.

Take some time to walk through each of your fears line by line, and ask yourself the following questions; is it an emotional fear? Is the fear realistic? Or worth planning your life around? Bring them to the forefront and have a conversation with yourself as you walk through each one.

Once you have finished with this, write a short note for each line, listing the one thing you could do to remove the grip this fear has over your life. Now is decision time – decide right now the ones that stay and the ones that go.

Your ability to confront fears, deal with fears, and take corrective action in spite of your fear is the key to becoming unstoppable in life and finding true happiness and success.

3. Focus More On The Solution

Sometimes in life, we don’t face problems, what we face are challenges. Challenges become a problem once they are not quickly dealt with. Instead of thinking about the challenges you’re facing, start thinking of a solution to the challenge; a way out often referred to by others as thinking outside the box.

To begin building confidence, look for the good in every situation you face because when you look hard enough for something good, you will always find something good.

If you train your mind to think positive in every situation, you will automatically become positive, optimistic, and in full control.

The difference between success and failure is that a person who fails will feel sorry for himself and quit when things go wrong during a situation, while successful people look for a valuable lesson to learn in every situation and move on.

4. Find The Gift And Be Unstoppable

Normal Vincent Peale wrote, “When God wants to send you a gift, he wraps it up in a problem. The bigger the gift, the bigger the problem and you can only find the gift if you persist enough and fight through.”

So, instead of focusing on the problem, focus on the gift and occasionally you will end up learning something valuable in dealing with a problem that will lead to long-term success.

“Within every problem or obstacle lies the seed of an equal or greater opportunity or benefit. Your job is to find it.” Napoleon Hill

Finding the ‘seed’ must be an accurate description of you whenever you face problems or difficulties. Every day of your life, embrace the problems that you must solve because each problem has its own reward.

By disciplining yourself to persist in the face of all adversity, you will become unstoppable until you eventually become a force of nature or a force to be reckoned with.

Write down your goal clearly, make a detailed plan of action to accomplish it, and tell yourself that failure is not an option.

negative emotions

4 Ways to Eliminate Negative Emotions

negative emotions

This is a guest post written by Cephas Tope for addicted2success

For most people, negative emotions feel like a scary monster under the bed. You try to ignore the monster by hiding your face under the covers, but the more you try to avoid it, the larger and scarier the monster becomes and your imagination keeps churning out an awful image as you desperately try to pretend he’s not lurking in the shadows.

You’d love to confront the monster, but it’s just too scary. That’s the way most people feel about negative thoughts. They want to slay the monster and make it never come back to them, but they feel terrified, hopeless, and outclassed.

You have read self-promising guides that teach you exactly how to kill this scary monster, but after applying every tidbit that the guide teaches you, it feels like it’s working and then soon after, here’s the monster looming about again and showing his personality, whenever you’re in a negative mood.

You know things can’t keep going on this way, one way or another something has to change. Relax. It’s all going to be okay. What you need is a super clear, easy to read guide, that will help you learn how to use your mind to remain calm and stay positive whenever you’re angry or in a negative mood.

Here are 4 ways to eliminate those negative emotions:

1. Take Responsibility

The fastest and most dependable antidote that totally cures negative emotions is to immediately say “I am responsible”, whenever something happens that triggers anger or a negative reaction of any kind.

80% of the population never accepts complete responsibility for their life. Most people keep complaining, making an excuse, criticizing, and continues blaming others for the things in their life about which they are not happy.

People don’t want to accept responsibility; people spill hot coffee on themselves and sue the restaurant that sold them the hot coffee in the first place.People get drunk, drive off the road, and then proceed to sue the manufacturer of the twelve year old car they were driving.

The question most people ask in any negative situation is, whose fault is it? And the bitter truth is that nobody really wants to accept blame. So they end up blaming others.But if you want to be happy, get unstuck, and be at peace with everyone, you have to be willing to take responsibility instead of blaming others and that’s by saying “I am responsible” for neutralizing the feelings of negativity.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln

2. Use Your Intelligence

Ever heard of the old Indiana story? “On my shoulder are two wolves, one is a black wolf, evil, who continually tempts me to do and say the wrong things. On my other shoulder is a white wolf, good, that continually encourages me to take responsibility and live up to my very best.”

The listener asks the old man, “which one of these wolves has the greatest power over you? The old man replied, “the one I feed.” The law of substitute says you can substitute a negative thought for a positive one. But here’s the deal, your mind is allowed to hold one thought at a time, and the choice is yours to use your intelligence in giving you the chance to rule your state of your mind.

Whenever there’s a negative situation, simply affirm the words, “I choose to be positive”. No matter what happens, your life is being controlled by the things you allow to drive your emotions and purpose. So stop feeding the negative creature and start feeding the positive one.

3. Never Complain

Yes. You read that right, never complain, even if it feels like nothing’s going right. Make decisions in your life today that you will never again be upset or angry over the things you cannot affect or change.

When Jesus Christ was in the world, some parts of the bible said that every time people would try to provoke him to anger, he would reply to them with peaceful words and actions and then move on.

You must learn how to take control of every situation in your life, instead of blaming others for the wrongs, accept the situation and look for a peaceful way to power through it. Forgive yourself for the past, learn how to let things go and move on. Helen Keller said, “when you turn toward the sunshine, the shadow falls behind you.” You can only affect people positively if you are a product of positivity.

4. Get Yourself Busy

Here’s an old saying, ‘the devil only uses idle hands for evil work.’ Most people tend to respond to a negative situation because at that moment they’re idle or depressed. If you want to get rid of negative emotions, get yourself busy working toward your goals and things that matter to you, so that you don’t have any time to think about or respond to any negative emotion from anyone.

Rather than getting stuck and becoming unhappy, set important goals for yourself every day and take positive action toward achieving each goal. Your ability to exert self-discipline and willpower in the acceptance of personal responsibility for your life will help you take complete control of your thoughts and feelings.

By doing so, you’ll become a much more effective, happy, and positive person in everything you do. Resolve today to accept 100% responsibility for everything you are and everything you become.

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” – Denis Waitley

Select one person in the past with whom you are finding it hard to forgive and resolve to forgive that person completely for what happened. Doing this will liberate you emotionally.

Accept the full responsibility for your financial problem and refuse to blame anyone for your financial situation, instead take the step to resolve the situation. Accept full responsibility for your health and start doing whatever is necessary to attain excellent health. Start flexing your muscles today to peacefully attend to all things you have accepted responsibility for and see how positive you’ll become.

How do you stop negative emotions when they present themselves? Leave your thoughts below!



4 Powerful Things To Do If You Want To Build A Successful business


“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.”

Admit it.

Your business sucks! And you know it.

In fact, I’ve been holding off telling you for a long time; hoping someone else would do the dirty work for me, but no one has. So, out of love, I want to tell you the truth.

But didn’t I just say your business sucks?

Yes, I did. Sorry.

The problem with telling someone the truth is that it’s brutal, it’s ugly, and I can almost guarantee you will not enjoy it.

But frankly speaking, you know you’ve been struggling for years trying to get your idea across a wide ocean and sail to the promised land but it just doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to happen.

You’ve purchased programs that teach the best business strategies and implemented some of the best ideas into your business, yet no one is listening to you. And now you are tired, probably wondering if you should just quit and try something new.

But hold that thought for a moment. Because at the end of this post, you’ll have all the tools you need to skyrocket your business and sail to the land of popularity.

Does that sound fair? And how can I make such a guarantee?

You see, It’s not because you haven’t found the right strategies, it’s not because you need to change your business name, and it’s not even because the goddess of good luck has turned her back on you.

But here’s the one big thing I have personally experienced.

Successful businesses owners are very smart and even part genius. Wondering if that’s true? Take a look at some of their characteristics.

They know everything about their ideal customer.

Their words are truly original, and it’s something you haven’t heard before.

They know how to turn a big business idea into something simple, so uncomplicated that even your old grandma would understand.

Even if you’re not interested in their idea, they can still captivate your mind and make you want to buy from them.

They know how to turn you into a true follower and get their words to take such a foothold in your mind that it will almost give you a sleepless night because you’re thinking of something they told you.

Yes, they’re building their brand, making massive sales, and getting people to talk about their business, but beneath the hype, a lot more is happening that makes them a superhero on the surface.

Perhaps it’s time to ask yourself, which group do you want to belong to? Because it’s not about your startup, it’s about who you are.

If you’re in the right group, your idea will be useful, and everyone will start talking about it. Millions of prospects will be ready to buy from you and also successful businesses will become your friends and help you take your business to the next level.

But if you’re part of the combination of ignorance and mundane businesses owners, I can practically guarantee that you will correctly do everything that the big business authority tells you to do and still, it will yield no result.

You just have to decide what you want now and take some brave steps to build a successful brand quickly. For example:

1. Dive Deep Into The Market And Get Into Your Prospect’s Mind

If you want to grow and stand out, the first thing to do is to totally understand your niche market before you get into it and the best way to do that is by asking your ideal customers what they want.business customer


Bryan Eisenberg said, “Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them do so.” Ask any successful marketer and they will tell you that’s very true.

Because, you see, the business is not about you; it’s about the prospective customer and the benefit of understanding the customer is that you learn exactly what immediate problem they’re facing in their life and you create a product that will completely solve that particular problem.

Start by asking to complete a simple survey; you can use a Google form to do this and ask questions like, what are you struggling the most with in your life right now?

If you’re not familiar with using Google forms, you might want to do some research on that or use any survey form you’re familiar with.

Once you’re done with that, the next thing is to send traffic to your survey questions in order to receive a response from people.

If you don’t have any email list or audience yet, you can ask a friend who does to help send the survey question or invest a few dollars in buying targeted traffic from Facebook, Bing, or Google Ads, whatever you’re most familiar with.

If you already have an email list, here’s what to do. Send the message to your entire list using the template below.

Hey there!

Over the next few days, months, and years, I’m planning to send you some free goodies that will shape your future. I just need to know a little more about your interests.

So it would be awesome if you could answer a few questions for me. It’ll take you 60 seconds or less, I promise.

Click here to respond to the questions [link to your survey page]

Thanks, bunches!

[Your Name]

Once you send this, record the audience responses and use that as a key to creating the market that your audience wants.

People only care about how much you know about them when they know how much you care. Perhaps a more relevant version of this saying would be; no one will listen to you unless it is felt like you care and understand them and that you have their best interest at heart.

Now, I am not talking about knowing their name or age, I am talking about knowing what they are going to say before they say it, getting into their mind and knowing what they think before they think it.

Got that? Now let’s talk about creating credibility.

2. Create Credibility

 “If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” — Zig Ziglar

Chances are if you’re just starting out, or at an early stage in building your business, it will feel like you’re a nobody, without any credentials and perhaps wondering why would anyone want to learn from you?business trust

Because you see, credibility is vital, and you don’t have any yet, not much at least.

The good news is, you can get people to trust you easily without self-doubt.

Start by creating familiarity between you and your audience, and that’s to develop some proof that shows you know what you’re talking about and that you know what works.

For example, they use a Ginsu knife to cut through cans. Tony Robbins helps a self-doubting person gain enough confidence to walk across hot coals. Robert Allen, the real estate guru, is dropped off at a random city with only $100 cash, and he ends up buying several houses.

You just need some little proof that will help you pull down people’s inbred self-defense. Don’t try to be too professional, rather just be yourself, and think about what the audience needs that will instantly identify you with them. Our weakness is also part of what make us likable.

So what is your proof? What are your failures in the past? Turn this into a story that will resonate with the audience and use it as a vital confirmation of credibility.

Doing this will easily get your audience’s attention without raising their resistance.

3. Make Mouthwatering Offers

 “Always deliver more than expected.” — Larry Page, co-founder of Google

Now that you have developed some credibility, how do you get people to act on your instructions and perhaps even buy from you when you offer them a product or service?business survey

The solution is to provide them with mouthwatering offers that will meet their needs at the right time and, of course, at the right price – free!

Think about it. A prospective customer lands on your business sees a solution to a small but pressing problem: something that they have been struggling with that has been holding them back for many years.

And you promise that in a few minutes, you can give them an answer to their prayers, proof that the problem will be solved, gone forever, never to be dealt with again.

It’s like you open up their heaven; trumpets start blaring, the choir starts singing, and they are saved – at least for today.

How many prospective customers do you think will jump on that offer? I bet you a lot will.

British rockers were right when they said, give people what they want, not what they need, or what you think they need. Just what they want.

So how do you give your audience what they want? The good news is that you’ve done the hard part of the job at the beginning of the post.

Remember the survey you conducted earlier; it’s time to go back to the responses you received and see how you can create valuable and relevant offers like free reports and products from those responses.

Because that’s exactly what your prospective customer wants.

4. Build Your Brand

“If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out.” — Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook

Made it here? Well done.business brand

At this stage, what you need to do is to carefully study the competitors within your niche market.

For example, make a list of the ten major competitors that dominate your niche market, add yourself to their mailing list and social media and take two hours every day to study them.

Think about, what are the things that make people listen to them and make their content and product go viral? Start jotting down some discoveries and see how you can fit these discoveries to enhance your content.

Once done with that, apply it to your business. Also look for a means to become their friends and ask them to help you out.

Be bold in your approach to them, because you see, your job as a CEO is to lead people gently and help them solve their problems.

By doing that, you will be building your brand; your prospects will be thrilled and jump on anything you offer them.

Sound good?

I thought so.

Start flexing your empathy muscle today and see how your business will be firing up like a rocket and your audience will begin gobbling it up.

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