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Robotic / Coding Teacher at Kydal Office Point

Kydal Office Point


Robotic / Coding Teacher at Kydal Office Point

Demonstrate excellence by:

Inspiration for students and staff in Christian living through personal example.
‘Life-long learner.’
Curriculum and Instruction

Regularly evaluate curriculum outlines and arrange lessons to meet course objectives.
Weekly lesson plans or assignment schedules should include student outcomes, objective-based instruction, and resources.
Create and maintain a welcoming classroom. This includes ongoing bulletin board and classroom display planning.
Promote student learning with an effective classroom management and disciplinary programme.
Master technology and audio-visuals to support course objectives.
Assign homework that supports the classroom programme and meets school goals.


Effectively manage classroom learning.
According to the school plan, supervise pupils during lunch and appointed times.
Plan field trips to reinforce classroom learning.

Introduce classroom programme priorities to parents at Back to School Night early in the year.
Scheduled, desired, or needed parent conference.
Provide written student progress reports as requested, scheduled, and needed.
Keep an open mind and want to talk.
Keep Records:

Keep precise records of student work for grading.
Weekly grades in the school online grade book
Record student attendance daily.
Maintain student textbook records.
Manage extra texts, resources, and supplies responsibly.
Follow inventory and checklists for end-of-year operations.

Work with other teachers to articulate and evaluate curricular programmes, including scope and sequence priorities, effective teaching tactics, authentic assessment practises, and textbook adoptions.
Join committees and oversee school programme activities.
Identify curriculum integration opportunities.
Professional Growth:


Send your academic supervisor a formal outline of your career goals annually.
Attend in-services, curriculum planning, and professional development.

Candidates should have B.Sc. degrees and 3?10 years of related experience.
Proclaim your faith in Jesus Christ and live a mature, God-centered life.
Leads others to God by a strong, clear personal testimony of a true and deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.
Must have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or similar field, coding, robotics, and programming certification.
Be certified to teach your subject and grade level.
Three of the five Big E’s for teachers at our client (Excellence, English, Education, Exposure, Experience) are required.
Experience teaching British or American ICT curricula in an international school is preferred.

Application Closing Date
6th December, 2023.

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