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Team Lead, Forensics at First Bank of Nigeria Limited

First Bank of Nigeria Limited Job Recruitment
  • Full Time
  • Lagos

First Bank of Nigeria


Job ID: 834
Employment Type: Full-time

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Perform computer hardware, software, network and internet related research to troubleshoot and maintain computer forensic laboratory equipment and network.
  • Analyze complex cases which may involve multiple operating systems and mobile computing devices.
  • Work with latest industry technology and content providers to help secure the bank against threats from forensic investigations.
  • Gather and record key indicators and information about the threat infrastructure of live campaigns.
  • Manage information security incident investigations and conduct of forensic artifact handling and analysis.
  • Identify systems compromised by cyber-attacks and manage the evidence collection, preservation, and transportation after a security incident.
  • Manage the conduct of interviews and document findings in relation to computer crime.
  • Manage the examination of information from computers under investigation.
  • Prepare comprehensive analysis reports to be used during investigations and entered into evidence during court proceedings.
  • Prepare technical reports and declarations necessary for legal trials.
  • Advise on possible alternative methods of analysis that would increase accuracy, efficiency and timeliness.
  • Train other digital forensic investigators on computer evidence procedures.
  • Comply with the principles and policies in the information security handbook.

Job and Skill Requirements

  • Minimum Education: First Degree in Computer Science / Engineering, Higher Degrees/Professional Certificates


  • Financial Acumen – Ability to understand complex financial transactions and interpret data.
  • Investigative Skills – Proficiency in conducting thorough investigations with attention to detail and critical thinking.
  • Regulatory Knowledge – Understanding of banking regulations, compliance frameworks, and AML procedures.
  • Technical Proficiency – Familiarity with forensic tools, data analysis software, cybersecurity, and fraud detection systems. Eg. EnCase, FTK, Cellebrite, Wireshark, Splunk.
  • Analytical Skills – Capability to analyze patterns and anomalies in financial data using Excel, SQL, Tableau, R, Python.
  • Communication Skills – Strong verbal and written abilities to present findings effectively.
  • Ethical Standards – Maintaining high ethical standards and confidentiality in investigations.
  • Team Collaboration – Ability to work effectively within cross-functional teams using Slack, Microsoft Teams, JIRA, Trello.
  • Problem-Solving Skills – Capability to identify and solve challenges in financial investigations.
  • Time Management and Prioritisation – Efficiently managing multiple investigations and meeting deadlines.
  • Continual Learning – Willingness to stay updated with industry trends and technologies.
  • Digital Forensics – Investigation of electronic evidence related to financial fraud and cybercrimes i.e. EnCase, FTK, Autopsy, X-Ways Forensics.
  • Data Analysis – Skills in data mining, manipulation, and analysis using specialized tools. E.g. Excel, SQL, Tableau, R, Python, MATLAB.
  • Cybersecurity Knowledge – Understanding of threat detection, network security, encryption methods, and blockchain technology such as Wireshark, Nmap, Metasploit, Bitdefender, Ethereum.
  • Fraud Examination – Expertise in fraud detection methodologies, AML, and prevention measures using Actimize, SAS Fraud Framework, Verafin, QuantaVerse.
  • Financial Accounting and Auditing – Ability to detect irregularities in financial records and understand auditing techniques in ERPs such as SAP, QuickBooks, ACL, IDEA.
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework – Knowledge of relevant laws, procedures for evidence handling, data privacy, and compliance such as LexisNexis, Westlaw, Compliance 360, Druva inSync.
  • Risk Management – Assessing risks in financial transactions and recommending mitigation strategies using tools such as RSA Archer, MetricStream, RiskLens, Active Risk Manager.
  • Networking and Network Forensics – Understanding network protocols, security measures for investigations, and cloud forensics such as Wireshark, NetWitness, Fiddler, Azure Security Center.
  • Threat Intelligence Analysis – Proficiency in analyzing threat intelligence reports and implementing security measures using tools such as ThreatConnect, Recorded Future, Anomali ThreatStream, GroupIB.
  • Incident Response – Developing and executing incident response plans in case of security breaches using FireEye Helix, IBM Resilient, Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR.
  • Malware Analysis – Understanding and analyzing malicious software’s behavior and impact using tools such as IDA Pro, Cuckoo Sandbox, VirusTotal, Maltego.
  • Digital Evidence Collection – Techniques for collecting, preserving, and documenting digital evidence using Magnet AXIOM, Oxygen Forensic Detective, FTK Imager.
  • Threat Modelling – Assessing potential threats to banking systems and enhancing security measures using Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool, IriusRisk, ThreatModeler.
  • Open Source Intelligence – Utilizing publicly available information for financial investigations such as Maltego, Shodan, SpiderFoot, Recon-ng.
  • Forensic Data Recovery – Recovering and reconstructing data from various sources for investigations such as EaseUS Data Recovery, Recuva, PhotoRec.
  • Cryptanalysis – Analyzing cryptographic systems utilized in financial transactions using tools such as OpenSSL, CrypTool, Hashcat, John the Ripper.

Application Closing Date
9th December, 2023.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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